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I should have mentioned this sooner – in fact last week would have been a good time considering VD – but I highly recommend watching the movie Once. It is a lovely little movie about music, life, and love.

It stars Glen Hansard (of the band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová, whose characters cross paths and make a musical connection. I was struck by the music right away; it was very moving, make-your-skin-tingle type of music. Interestingly, neither of them are experienced actors, but it is not noticeable because they are clearly comfortable in their film roles as musicians, and there is a very natural feel to the relationship between the characters. They composed and performed most of the songs in the movie, so in many ways it feels like you are watching a documentary of these musicians.

Check out the song “Falling Slowly” put to some video clips from the movie. Movie trailer below that.

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Brooke probably writes a better review than I. :)



why thank you very much! I love the Youtube vids - too cool. Now I'm linking to you. Feel the love.



Thanks for the birthday wishes, gRegor!

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