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Two arms available ...ladies.

Well, that day is around the corner*, afraid I don't have any embarrassing crushes to reveal like last year.

I was just now seeking topical suggestions for this post from some friends; they have not been a lot of help so far. This will probably be a stream-of-unconsciousness post, then.

Life has been a bit depressing lately. I think it's mostly the weather. Work has been pretty busy lately and I need to get a bit more order/distinction between work and non-work. It can be a drain to be at home so much (I work from home) and it starts to feel like I just work and sleep, because “there's always some work to do.” I'm not being a workaholic; in fact, it probably makes me less productive, so I need to do something about that.

On a similar note, Sheryl shared this Lifehacker post about being “more present in the present.” The blogger is starting a project called 52 Nights Unplugged, where one night each week she does nothing involving a screen. No internet, TV, or phone. I really liked this idea and plan to try it out myself. It will be nice to have a scheduled time that I know I'll need to fill with the things I talk about wanting to do, but never quite “disconnect” long enough to actually do.

I have been going back through old, old posts on here, working on tagging and cleaning up some formatting issues. Goes back to 2002, dang. A lot of good memories, though.

If you're interested in possibly winning an iPod Touch, check out Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim post. It's pretty simple: subscribe to his blog via RSS or email; between now and March 1st the instructions to enter will be posted there. In addition, you can up the size of the iPod Touch you win by blogging and twittering about it, ergo... what you're reading. Clever marketing. :]

I think I'm in my natural state pretty often...

“Silly is you in a natural state, and serious is something you have to do until you can get silly again.”

– Mike Meyers


I highly recommend the album below. Great, chill electronic music; good to work or write to. [obligatory virb and myspace links]

* I started writing this before midnight, so this was accurate at the time. Yes, it took a while to write, I was distracted and chatting.

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Brandon Brandon
Man, the work and sleep thing sounds too familiar. There's just so much to be done that it's hard to relax and doing it now means less to do tomorrow (theoretically). Someone always finds a way for us to do more though. =/

But really I start to wonder how much longer I can do the wake, work, hang out, work, sleep, repeat dance.

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Brooke Brooke
oooh. I like the idea of no screens. I've never defined it that way, but there is something repugnant about sitting in front of a screen at night after doing that all day. Even though I have a job now that would enable me to watch TV again, I still don't. I try to read or play music or talk to another human being at night.

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