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Happy 303

Back in the good 'ole days, this was a closely guarded secret. Now, in the good new days, it's not so much. Let's just say that... security was breached. It is still fun, though, and thus I share:

Circa mid-nineties, when I was in high school, my friends Tim and Andrew (I believe; correct me if I'm wrong) were responsible for coining the phrase “303.” It was clever because saying “303” among your friends drew less attention and was easier than saying “Wow!” when some hottie came by. It was cool (well, okay, to us *) because it was derived by holding your hands with your thumbs touching and your index fingers touching. It kind of looks like “wow”; 3 fingers on your left hand, an O in the middle, and then 3 fingers on your right hand. Thus, 303. It was even cooler* because it worked by addition, too. 2 pretty girls? 606. 3? 909. Ad infinitum.

So yes, we were known to toss around “303” or occasionally make the hand sign when appropriate.

Years later, after the secret was leaked and the female populace became familiar with it (via The Mothership; that's another post entirely), there was a surprise party that I was planning and I did not even realize it fell on 3/03. Sheryl, Lindsay, and Ronda did, though, and made a “Happy 3/03” cake, which was pretty awesome. I might have pictures of it around here, somewhere.

So, that's the summary of “303”, and why March 3rd is 1000 times better than Valentine's Day.

Happy 3/03!

Photo of 303 sign

The sign. Did it open up your eyes? Yes, I framed it this way on purpose.

* And to those who aspired to be as cool as us. What!? We weren't socially awkward at all!

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Isha Isha
I wish I was as cool as you.

Whatever you do, don't mix up the 303s names in your blog post. They can get pissy. :]

the spheric1 the spheric1
It's brilliant and I still use it!

Ali Ali
obviously you should add this vital information to the <a href=""?303 wiki page</a>... or at least urban dictionary ;)

Ali Ali
that's what i get for not reading the fine print!

Suzi Suzi
Thanks for the 411. When you posted 303, all I could think of was a synthesizer. It was either that or some weird htttp error code. :-)

Funny that you would use the word WOW for a hot girl AND for your mom. But then again, she is pretty hot. LOL ;-)

april april
I always knew you were cool, but I never had any idea that your awesomeness ran so deep. I'm amazed.

No, MoM is “WoW”, since it's upside down. It's unrelated and she started that. Get your signs right! And stay away from my mom!

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Love it. :) You're teh coolest.

Brooke Brooke
do we have permission to use this copywrighted phrase. cuz I so am, whether you say yes or not. 303! now how bout when someone is a dog? do you have a phrase for that? huh, huh?

Candace Candace
And I had thought the ironically clueless nerdy boys were just in movies.
But you may be more self-aware than deserves the title “clueless” so...maybe they are.

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