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A Floating Smile


Cool Hand Luke - “A Floating Smile”

I'm sad that I don't think about You

Because I just can't get on without You

You speak in the funniest things

Glimpses of Heavenly dreams

Lately it seems that it's harder

For my legs to walk any farther

I need You to show me I need You

And give me the faith to believe You

One day You'll come back

Soon You will come back

One day You'll take me home (x2)

We'll fly away

We'll fly away

We'll fly away

Forever and ever

On a floating smile

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MoriahJoy MoriahJoy
I have no idea who you are, haven't browsed much, and got here via Lauren's blog...but I must say that your wife application's fine print made me laugh aloud. Well done.

Love the little touches to your site, especially “powered by nucleus, coffee, and of course...the ladies.”

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