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The awesome weekend

Now that summer is here and LOST is over, Thursday nights are freer for me and most of my friends. Instead of our usual viewing party, we made plans to hang out downtown. We went to Mo'Joes coffeehouse to get our caffeination, then walked along the canal while looking really cool – like we're in some TV show.


I was a bit concerned about being thrown into the canal. See, most of us enjoy using Twitter, but Lauren has always strongly resisted joining. For kicks, Ian and I conspired to set up an account for her and post Lauren-y things on it. When she found out, she was quite “upset” and said that I would be going for a swim in the canal. Thankfully, her bark was worse than her bite, at least in this instance. I did not go for a swim, but we had to at least pose a shot.


Ironically, she has actually started to use the Twitter account.

Then we took some self-timer, family vacation shots that turned out quite well.



Shane (the guy in the white shirt) we met at the last Indianapolis TweetUp and this was his first time hanging out with us. He seems like a cool guy, and I do not think we scared him too much, so he might come to future shindigs. The night ended up being its own TweetUp of sorts, since everyone there is on Twitter. There just were not as many laptops or geeky conversations about “social media.” :-]

On Friday the plan was to go see Grease at the IMA. They have summer film nights outside in their amphitheater, letting you bring in your own food and drinks, so it is quite fun. Unfortunately, the weather looked like it definitely was not going to cooperate, so I voted we watch the DVD instead. It probably comes as a shock to most, but Doug, Isha, and I had not seen Grease before. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. Then for our second feature we watched Kung Pow: Enter the Fist accompanied by copious amounts of laughter.

After we had exhausted the entertainment of the movies, the YouTubes, shown some leg, and re-enacted Mango from SNL, we decided to go to Denny's. I rode in the back, with the ladies.


Saturday rolled around, and by then my body was starting to get tired from all the activity. Well, and staying up late at Denny's. And that I'm just getting old. Anyway. Saturday evening the plan was to go to Tibbs Drive-In to see Kung Fu Panda and Iron Man. Thankfully the weather cooperated this time. We met another new person, Jeremiah's friend Asim or “Awesome”, if you so desire to pronounce it that way.

At this point, this post is getting quite long, and words don't quite do it all justice. About 500 photos were taken by various people, of which I have included a few favorites here. This was definitely one of the best weekends of the year so far, and Sunday was definitely a day of doing nothing, to recuperate.

Somewhere amidst all that, I got a date next Friday. Then Saturday is Death Cab for Cutie, which I'm quite excited to finally see for the first time. So yeah, next weekend should be awesome as well.

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Isha Isha
...Good times.

Your blog post about the weekend totally put my blog to shame.

DCFC will be quite outstanding. I'm really looking forward to it. Yay for a double dose of awesome weekends!

Oh, and props to Allison for suggesting most of the things we did, and providing the Grease DVD. And taking 500 pictures.

Allison Allison
by most surely you mean all. :)

ok, I guess not. I didn't suggest Denny's. you win.

thanks for the props. and for posting my awesome pictures!

::adds to

Vanessa Vanessa
Oh how exciting! You guys are wearing t-shirts and shorts! Have you heard about our “June-uary”?

Lauren Lauren
Yes, yes. I have fallen under the Twitter spell. Curses on you and Ian! :-P

The weekend was fun. I may just link to everyone else's blogs about it.

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Awesome pictures! Y'all look like a blasty-blast to hang out with. I'm a skosh disappointed that you weren't pushed into the canal, but that's only because I'm (apparently) a very mean person. (In all seriousness, I'm glad you seem to be having so much fun. Especially with the ...ladies.)

Former Boss Former Boss
Getting weirder by the day... Good to see you are doing well and having fun. Cheers from LA.

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