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My dad saw this picture in the paper last week and said to me with a really straight face, “I saw you on the cover of the paper.” I was baffled. Tonight he showed me:


There is officially too much good-lookingness in the world!

So he doesn't look exactly like me, different eyes. But he is apparently quite tall and skinny.


His name is apparently Matt Eickhoff and that is his artwork located at 10th and Rural streets here in Indianapolis. These photos are from an article on

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sUzi sUzi
no way, there can't be two super sexy sticks - this city isn't big enough for the both of you!

ps...i think that you're better looking than this guy.

BurnDark BurnDark
Dude, he's not a doppelganger, he's a doppelgRegor!

Allison Allison
Find him and invite him to Crazy events.

Pleeeeeease? ;)

I'M KIDDING. No, really. I am. haha

Laurie Laurie
Hey... I know him. He was in the grade below me at Southport High School and we were friends. He had a gallery opening at the Harrison Center in March.

Wow. Small world. Sarah also knows him from Herron, apparently.

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