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Photo Scavenger Hunt

For a couple weeks our friends have been on a “team-building” kick, dividing into random teams and competing in finding geocaches. It has been quite fun. This past week I figured I would try to switch things up and set up a photo scavenger hunt. This is one of those ideas that has been in the back of my head for ages but never gets past the occasional mention, “yeah, we should do that!”

So I set out a-googling for good photo scavenger hunt ideas. There are some heavy-duty scavenger hunts out there – such as the annual University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt that takes place over 4 days and has a list of about 300 items.

Assembling the list was quite fun. I geared it towards downtown Indianapolis so most of it could be achieved within a couple miles. I also kept the list secret until we started. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves and it was quite a success, so feel free to take ideas and try it yourself.

Here's some of the list along with some photos from the night. The full list is available in Adobe PDF format.

Come up with a team name, take a picture that visualizes or expresses it. – 4 points


Team Blue Steel, a la Zoolander.

A sign with a team member's name on it (or as part of it) – 4 points


Knock off the Y, there you have it. And yes, I have spiritual AND physical beauty ...ladies.

Re-enacting a scene from a Disney movie – 6 points




The Lion King.

Entire team, each with a french fry in their nose – 5 points (5 bonus points if the fast food employee poses in the picture as well. 10 bonus points if the employee poses and puts a fry in their nose.)



Boo to those on my team who refused to do this one!

In front of a waterfall – 3 points


A sign that should have “...ladies” added to it – 3 points


That's right. I have the world's best ingredients ...ladies.

A statue's butt – 4 points


I was disappointed that none of the teams found a David Hasselhoff CD!

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Isha Isha
This was a great idea g-love-a. I was pleasantly surprised by all the fun things you had us do. I really enjoyed the other people around us laughing at us. =) I love our group and our team building exercises. It really makes me feel more connected with people. Not to mention all the energy I generate during them! GEEZ I'M WRITING A BLOG POST!

I love you!

Ali Ali
that's pretty awesome! i've been wanting to do a scavenger hunt for a while now. good on you for putting it together!

Shawn Shawn
No one found Suzi's mom either. Sad.

Lauren Lauren
I think my favorite picture is the waterfall one. That was just a cool waterfall.

BurnDark BurnDark
I loved the photo scavenger hunt, but that's mainly because it gave me an excuse to touch Isha's butt.

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