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I have been very blessed to have some great people I call friend in my life. Over the years, life changes have taken some of us different directions, but there has consistently been a group of people around to love and support me. Especially recently, I have received a lot of support about my “transparency” and it has been a big help.

This past Sunday, many of these friends had a pitch-in Thanksgiving dinner. It was great fun to get together and share what we are grateful for. My mom and stepdad were able to come, too, so I was glad to have both my direct family and “second family” there. We will definitely have to do it again.

Two people I am particularly thankful for this year are Sheryl and Isha. Sheryl and I have been friends going on 10 years now and she has consistently been there for me. She is one of the “roots” in my life and I really appreciate that. Isha and I have become best friends this past year and have been tested with highs and lows in each of our lives. She is the first person in my life that I have really worried about losing their life, so I am very thankful that she is alive.

I have been trying to be more purposefully expressive of my thankfulness and I think it has improved my life. It certainly impacts my attitude – I recommend it. Here are some of the “thankfuls” I have posted on twitter.

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