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I just have to say: we're ridiculously good-looking and cute in elf outfits. We should probably make this video happen for real sometime.

Isha Isha
Ah, yes. I remember that day fondly!

Ellen Ellen
What fabulous choreography ... you must've practiced those moves for hours!

Sheryl Sheryl
What's funny - is that I'm pretty sure every move in that video is a real swing dance move. I recognized the Charleston and some other moves I've learned before in there.

sUzi sUzi
this is AWESOME. i am literally laughing so hard i'm crying!!!

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Haha, so this was funny before, but it's twice as funny now that I've met y'all. :) I'm a wee bit disappointed that you did not re-enact this at dinner, though. The waiter people would've been so impressed, they would've given us all our meals free AND one free circle chair for the elf with the most Christmas spirit. Or they might have kicked us out, but that would have at least made Shawn happy. *sigh* Next time.

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