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Loving well

I have been thinking to myself “I want to start blogging more regularly” the past few weeks, but I suppose that does not actually get anything done. Thus, I sit down and type.

It has been an interesting couple months. I have been through various emotional highs and lows. Strained friendships, reconciliation, friends losing loved ones, celebrations with friends, and more. Sometimes my heart just aches, wishing I could do something to make everything “just right” for my friends and family. I know this is not possible, but I am still hopeful and optimistic, in general. I am thankful that we have each other to lean on and I try my best to be available for such. Somehow, I believe our love for each other is redemptive, and can sometimes help make sense out of the senseless.

I thought I would write more, but I think I will leave it at that – it feels done for now. I will leave you with some questions posed by @DavidHFoster on twitter (emphasis mine):

Are you living well? Are you loving well? Are you being loved well?

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are you sure there's nothing wrong with your six million dollar parts of your heart? aching can't be very good for you.



Very powerful, bro. I love that you have a heart (though bionic...ladies) that tirelessly carries on with “the good fight” dispite what is happening around you, or to you. I am thankful that God brought you into my life, man, you Rock... AND so freakin COOL to Boot!!

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