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Mystery trip

This past weekend I ventured out on a mystery trip that Myssi and Adam organized. I had no idea where we were going, just that we were to meet at 6pm on Friday and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night. There were seven of us, 5 guys and 2 girls. My initial guess was Chicago, but we soon got on the highway going south. After passing Louisville, I guessed we were going to Nashville.

The ride down was fun. Myssi and Adam play this game that the first person to get within a state “claims” that state. While driving, they both suddenly reach forward on the dashboard right as we crossed into Kentucky (Myssi got it). This happened suddenly and we had no clue in the backseat what was going on until they explained. As we approached the Tennessee border, Adam said he was going to pull over on the shoulder, get out, and run across the border because he was sure he could run faster than Myssi. We mocked them from the backseat, because they're both really competitive about... well, most things. Adam actually did pull over and I surprised both of them by getting out first and running like the wind, claiming Tennessee. They were surprised and we were quite amused.

We arrived at our hotel in Goodlettsville, not far from Nashville. They gave us the itinerary for the weekend, but they named things cleverly so we weren't really sure what we were doing. For example, dinner at “Krustellos” - Krystal, similar to White Castle (but better since they had chili dogs). After dinner we drove a few miles away and there was difficulty finding our next destination. We were supposed to go to a cemetary to tell scary stories, but apparently it didn't turn out to be a cemetary after all. Most of us were tired, so we just went back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we went to the Nashville zoo which was a pretty cool zoo. They have one of the coolest jungle gyms I've seen in a while - big enough for us big kids, too. Afterwards we went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch (it only seemed appropriate, being in Nashville). Then we went to Centennial Park, which is quite a beautiful park. There's a replica of the Parthenon there with a museum inside. We checked that out, then lazed around outside in the sun. The weather was beautiful, 70s and sunny. That night we went to Opryland which was pretty impressive. It's a combination of convention center, hotel, and lots of restaurants, shops, and gardens - all beneath a huge glass ceiling. We walked around there quite a bit, getting our exercise in.

Sunday we went to the Tennessee State Museum which had a lot of interesting information / exhibits from the Civil War era. Unfortunately, I was rather worn out by that point, so probably did not appreciate it as much as I could have. Finally, before heading home we stopped by Rocketown, a nice little venue / cafe started by Michael W Smith.

Thanks to Myssi and Adam for organizing such a fun trip!

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Isha Isha
Roadtrips rock! :-)
Glad you had fun!

cora cora
i'm so jealous! great trip, especially the stop at Rocketown.

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