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Summer To-Do List

I borrowed the idea for this post from Rachelskirts:

  • Go camping at Cornerstone Festival – my 13th year there!
  • Finish reading the Harry Potter series – I'm on book 5 currently.
  • Re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • Read some other good books (recommendations welcome).
  • Watch movies at the drive-in.
  • Make an app for that.
  • Eat corn on the cob.
  • See U2 in Chicago with Jenn.
  • Blog more regularly.
  • Play volleyball.
  • Visit Jeeves and Sarah in North Carolina.
  • Go to a water park.
  • Finish cleaning / re-arranging my office.
  • Walk a bunch of miles along the canal downtown.
  • __________________________________

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sUzi sUzi can check off drive in since we just did that ;-) although by no means will that be the last time this Summer!

Aye, it's open-ended, might do things more than once. :)

sUzi sUzi
And we've covered the canal for the first time for the Summer :)

To add to the list:
Local outdoor art fairs/festivals
Movies at the IMA
Road trip(s)
Walk the Monon

I've never read LOTR or the Hobbit - maybe I'll take that on this Summer.

Allison Allison
Read My Life So Far by Jane Fonda.

I haven't read it yet. Because I'm a lazy bum. But I'm sure it's awesome, and probably talks about her situation back in the day with being hated by all for her anti-American “communist” tendencies.

Ian Ian
I want to walk the whole of the Monon at once by the the end of the summer.

Also to read: Pagan Christianity, Ender's Game, Wicked, Fight Club

Trench Trench
You ought to try Lama Lama, Red Pajma. It's a classic.

And since Mommer lives in the hills, you ought to bait a squirrel into a skeet thrower.


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