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A new project

I have a new fun project – my friend Jeremiah and I started a podcast. It's called Late Night Toast and it is basically the two of us talking about things that interest us, late at night, with our brand of wit and humor mixed in.

Our friends Rachelskirts and Skittle_Brains started a podcast a few months ago called Bacon Famous and they put out two episodes which were pretty funny. Jeremiah and I have discussed making a podcast off an on for about a year, but in January we got more serious about it after talking about Bacon Famous and their apparent lack of episodes. We had the idea that we could make our first episode a friendly challenge/call out/one-up to their podcast; we would make it video instead of just audio; we wouldn't call them out by name, “but let's just say it rhymes with Facon Bamous.”

“Begun, the podcast wars has.” I said.

Jeremiah and I are usually up late and have some pretty funny discussions on IM, so it seemed perfect to capture for a podcast. Since we're fans of late night television (particularly CoCo) we settled on the name Late Night Toast and came up with this cool logo idea to have our faces on toast. Thanks to Jeremiah's artistic skills, we have the awesome logo below. We think the whole endeavor is worth it for the logo alone. :)

Thus, episode 1 “Facon Bamous” is published. It's a long episode, coming in at 56 minutes, but future episodes will be shorter and we will have an audio version as well. We would love if you'd check it out and give us your feedback. You can subscribe in iTunes, leave us comments on the blog, and send us email at

Late Night Toast logo

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