gRegorLove little g big R

A crap poem

(but it suits how I feel)


Say one thing

And do another

Yet held up on this pedestal

When really just a hypocrite.


How many times

Tried and failed,


How many thousands of times

Before we just admit

We're fooling ourselves?

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sUzi sUzi
We all fall down. the only way we can possibly lose is if we give up getting back up; and even then Jesus picks us up and holds us in His arms; He refuses to give up on us. God loves and believes in you and so do I, just as you are. You are cherished more than you will ever know, by more people than you can probably imagine. When I think on the vigil whilst you were in the hospital, it reminds me just what a special, loving, awesome person that you are - how many people's lives have been touched, and possibly SAVED because of yours. We all have a thorn in our side that we have to fight. I'm proud of you for fighting. I'm proud of you for not giving up even though this is a constant struggle and makes you wearisome. I believe you to be more courageous than you understand of yourself. I love you, flawed and all; just as you love SO MANY people without asking them to change at all. I've seen you forgive and forget time and again. I've personally witnessed you sacrifice your own needs to help others. Whether or not you see it, *I* do. Yes, you're a sinner, a hopelessly fallen sinner, *just like everyone else in the world*. At the same time, by your confession you set a shining example and are a beacon of hope for others who are too ashamed to admit their sinful weaknesses, but have a moment of “I'm not the only one” and a sigh of relief when they see your posts. And what of it if you were to overcome this thing once and for all? There would be something else. Even our best is as filthy rags without Jesus. It's Him that makes us good enough. And I see Him, in you, all the time. Keep up the good fight of faith, and know that I'm praying for you and I love you.

Hugs and prayers,

Jeremiah Jeremiah
I echo Suzi 100%.

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