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Cornerstone 20Ten

I don't think I have blogged for several years about Cornerstone. I'm not sure why, it's one of my favorite things each year. This was my 14th year attending and it was a refreshing time. This was perhaps one of the best weather years. It was low 80s, breezy, no rain and at night it usually got down into the 60s. Usually there is rain at least one day, or temperatures in the 90s, or a tornado, or something. Not this year.

Switchfoot was really good. Hello, Hurricane is a great album so I enjoyed hearing some of those songs live. Skillet had a great live production with pyrotechnics and high energy. Timbre (harpist) is always enjoyable. The highlight of the week was on Thursday, seeing Christie DuPree, Dignan, Paper Route, Eisley, and Over the Rhine back-to-back at the Gallery stage.

I first saw (Moss) Eisley in 2002 at the Cornerstone New Band Showcase, at Cora's insistence. It's been an interesting chain of events since then. I met Mark Schwartzkopf shortly after that Cornerstone, because he was playing their EP while running sound at a local show. I booked Moss Eisley that November, had difficulties securing a venue, and then the show ultimately had to be cancelled due to some conflicts / miscommunications (I was pretty frustrated at the time, as you can read). I got involved helping the band get a better online forum, and then helped with the site in general. Years later the band was seeking a solid sound guy. Mark applied and listed me as a reference. I told them I was no pro, but I thought he did a great job. They hired him and they still work with him. In 2006 I was finally able to bring Eisley to Indianapolis. They're great people, making great music, and I wholeheartedly support them.

Thus it was pretty exciting that they were returning after 8 years to Cornerstone, where so many things “began” for them. Their set was great, a good mix of old and new songs, and the crowd loved them. The tent was 3/4 full, which is quite a good number of people at Cornerstone. The sound guy for Over the Rhine, and the band, were “blown away” apparently. That's quite a compliment coming from them, in my opinion. It was good to see the DuPrees again, meet new people, relive old memories (the whole show cancelling thing is just humorous now, looking back), and hear some great music.

I will probably have some more things to write, but I am le tired and thoughts are becoming disjointed.

Here are some pictures; not the best quality, just camera phone pictures. More on my Flickr.


Main Stage used to be here...


...but is now here.


Sundown, Monday night







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Isha Isha
Oh my wow. Where main stage use to be is so naked!

Isha Isha
Also, for once I got a spam protection question that had nothing to do with math....woowee.

Ron Ron
i have been going on off and on since '91, and the pictures look so different from when I first went. I wanted to go this year, and even though I could have volunteered, I had some changes going on with school.


those are some good pics, and it was a good blog

Cora Cora
Hooray for cool friends meeting a cool friend. Too awesome you got to see them. I haven't seen them in ages.

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