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Don't Cross the Streams of Consciousness

This has been a pretty good month overall, and posting every day has been a mostly enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing to blog regularly.

Thanks to my new blog reader and faithful commenter Thursday's Child, a.k.a. Tyler. He's also participating in NaBloPoMo and has commented on just about every one of my posts this month. You should check out his blog and say hello. I liked his post “Bear Each Other's Burdens” as well as “Fun with MemeGenerator.” I tried, but unfortunately was not able to come up with any funny memes myself.

Thanks to Rachelskirts for introducing me to NaBloPoMo (I think she's done it three or four times now?) and for providing the connection with the aforementioned Tyler — and for being awesome. You should check out her blog and say bonjour. I liked her posts “Beauty in Imperfection” and “She Said with a Twitch.” Her sock monkey will even occasionally write a post.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting!

I had hoped to catch up on my blog reading this month, but that has not really happened. My Google Reader is in need of some cleanup and improved categorization. This hasn't happened yet, but it is on my new todo list. That method is working out really well, by the way.

There will probably be a guest blog coming from Doc Awsm, presuming he gets it to me in the next two days. Brace yourself.

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Thursday's Child Thursday's Child
Awwww. Thanks for the link love.

I'm working on a NaBlo wrap-up post for tomorrow. It's probably the most difficult one so far. haha

In any event, I've enjoyed hanging around. I hope you keep up with the posting, even after NaBlo is over.

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