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Eisley tonight!

It kind of sneaked up on me, but Eisley is playing in Indianapolis tonight. They are one of my favorite bands and also some of the nicest people on the planet. I have an interesting history with the band, which I wrote about earlier this year. I'm quite thankful for it. I met Mark Schwartzkopf because of them. Then I met the Wolfy guys through Mark. Then I met Jenn through them. I met Isha through Wolfy. I also met Jeremiah through the 2006 Indianapolis show. There are probably other connections I'm forgetting.

Sidenote: one of the ideas running through my head is to set up a web application allowing me (and others) to make a visual representation of how I know different people. I loved when Facebook had the “social timeline” that plotted your friends. I would like to have something similar to that, but expanded. I'm fascinated by connections between people. </geek>

So that concert is what I will be up to this evening. Unfortunately, this man will not be there this evening:


(Boyd DuPree: 4/5 band dad, awesome designer, creative brain, coffee-lover)

photo by Jamie Maldonado,

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Allison Allison
You kind of know me because of Eisley. And by kind of, I mean you do. haha

I was thinking about that after I posted. I met Ray through Wolfy; got connected to Harrison Center through Ray; met you through the Harrison Center (IMAF).

Nicole Nicole
Yay Eisley! We get them in Mpls tomorrow night! The number of people that I know because of this band is crazy. There's you, of course, and Jamie, Dana, so many others. Plus the people I've met through these people. And then there's my darling husband! :)
I'm still trying to get my head around no Boyd, dang that's sad. I get it but, you know. Well anyways, have FUN!!!

Isha Isha
:) Oh well, there was my name! In bright gRegor lights--I'm famous!

Also, I miss the FB timeline too. I was thinking about that the other day--most of my friends just made ridiculous things up but it would be nice to have a family tree of sorts.

PS: I forgot the stupid spam robot question again--I'm pretty sure that happens every time. Why is it always math? I'm horrible at math--worse than a robot!

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Wow, it's only been 4 years? It feels longer than that. In a good way. =)

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