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Give Up the Funk

The title was inspired by Jess-lo's comment on yesterday's post.

The funk persists. I think loneliness is the root of it.

I work at home all day and don't often feel like going out to do things afterwards. It doesn't help that I'm usually working until 6 or 7 and by that time it's dark outside. These feelings come and go. The past two months have been jam-packed with socializing, so I probably need to recoup some energy/balance.

I started to listen to Christmas music last week. It was by accident, actually; a song came on shuffle and I decided to keep listening. I also decided that the “rule” about no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving is silly. It's not like I'm gypping all that Thanksgiving music out there.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are . . . interesting for me. Generally, I love them. However, it can be a struggle sometimes for me to stay positive and not think back to how things used to be. It's been over 10 years since my parents divorced, but the holidays always seem to refresh that sadness at some point. I think I can honestly say my parents are better off now, so it's not that I wish they were back together.

The season represents Hope and Peace to me, but sometimes the brokeness of this world can sap Hope from me. Still, I strive for them — strive to create them where I can.

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Jess-lo Jess-lo
Gratitude for the honorarium. That's probably not the right word, but I am a language anarchist.

The holidays are still weird for me too, lots of chaos growing up. My parents have been divorced for about 19 years and you'd think it'd be better, but it's not. My family hardly gets together anymore, and Christmas is no exception.

I wouldn't suggest for your loneliness. Or the other thing, just makes you feel worse in the end. I would recommend writing to women in prison.

I had no idea you were in prison! I'll write. I promise.

Thursday's Child Thursday's Child
Working from home is the worst. I did that for a while, and man. Home all day. Home all night. It's pretty much makes you feel terrible all the time.

So! Get out! make yourself do it. You'll feel better.

Also, if you can get yourself an office, or use someone's to do your work sometimes, that will help.

Vanessa Vanessa
I think the holidays are a mixed bag for most people, so... you're not alone, ironically.

Brooke Brooke
this resonates. holidays have been rough for the last 3 years since my dad died and I'm estranged from my family. I tell myself it'd be easier if I had my own family, but the ache would still exist even if I were able to somehow eradicate my loneliness. This year I'm just going to enjoy the heck outta my singleness, cuz I feel like it's coming to end- I just don't think I'll be single next christmas. #hopeful

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