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Heroes in My World

I had the idea last night to write about two people I particularly appreciate recently. I was reminded of my friend Sheryl's posts about heroes in her world, thus the title.

Now, I hesitate to call this “Heroes in My World” because the first person, Maurice, does not need his ego inflated any more. Wait — this isn't a good start, is it?

*delete delete*

> Message Saved Forever.

But seriously: Maurice Broaddus and I have been acquaintances for years. We had overlapping social circles, but did not really get to know each other well until last year. He reached out to me during my dark times and offered to “walk alongside” me through it. He has been through his own set of trials (to put it lightly), which probably helped us connect. It was a great help to be able to talk to him. He listened and gave me truths about myself, even if I did not always take them to heart right away (or still). He has helped me make some good steps and is always there to listen and encourage me during my hopeless times (or my over-thinking times, or . . .)

I am very thankful that we have become friends. :]

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Maurice Broaddus Maurice Broaddus
i know i've been blessed (and honored!) by our friendship. you are a special light in the world.

Sheryl Sheryl
You're right. His head does NOT need to get any bigger.

Sheryl Sheryl
@gRegorLove @indiana_mama That was it. Not sure I have those blog posts, though. I've been bad about saving them. Might be somewhere...

Sheryl Sheryl
@gRegorLove @indiana_mama Here's a couple:…

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