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Thursday's Child Thursday's Child
It's surprisingly easy to forget to blog. Im just waiting for my scramble to get it done some night this month... But! Whiteboard post. Good idea!

Nick Tabick Nick Tabick
Alright, so Thursday's Child managed to sneak in while I was cropping this. All the same, a whiteboard post deserves a whiteboard reply. ;)

Allison Allison
I'm pretty sure you're on crack. Again.

Isha Isha
Awe, I must come put new drawings on your white board soon! Let's have a movie night.

And come on stupid spam protection: 1x0 is tricky!

Brooke Brooke
semi-awesome I say, but then 2 days into this blogging daily thing I totally forgot to. this is sad, considering I used to blog daily without thought. I'd like to think I just have more of a life now. haha

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