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Slowing down. Burning things.

What ever happened to middleageguy on Xanga? He was hilarious; his writing reminded me of Dave Barry. I had forgotten there was the time that Cora and I almost met him. Sadly, he has closed down his Xanga. Looking at older posts and clicking through to Xanga links, I see a lot of accounts have been closed down or were abandoned many years ago.

I recently decided to rediscover the art of writing letters. I love to receive real mail. I think most everyone does, really. There is something great about slowing down enough to use pen and paper to communicate instead of our instant, digital channels. Admittedly, I have to work on this “slowing down” part in order to make it happen, but I have a couple friends that are already in. Hooray, pen pals!

On a related note, I really liked this post I came across about disconnecting from the “digital present” and visiting the real present: In the Present. Demand Delays. No, I'm certainly not becoming anti-digital (I still <3 the Internet), but balance is important.

This Saturday is the annual bonfire I have out at my mom's place. This is the 7th year we've had it and it's always a blast. My mom really likes my friends and vice versa. It's an open invite, so let me know if you would like to come!

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Marlo Marlo
His Xanga was one of my favorites.
On a sidenote, I had friends of a friend who met up with him “in real life.” I heard ALL about it at a Xanga meet-up. Scandals, I tell you. SCANDALS.

Cora Cora
I want to be your penpal, too! email me your address and I'll get it started. And yes, what the heck happened to him? Have you tried stalking him on facebook? I don't remember his real name... Randy?

Suzi Suzi
yay mommer!

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