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Ten-year-old Stamps

I am trying to clean up before Hoarders shows up to film an episode. I'm making good progress and have come across some interesting things:

  • About twenty 34 cent stamps
  • Paint Shop Pro 5 CD-ROM and manuals
  • Three unwrapped cassette tapes — 110 minutes each, with “CD Power High Energy Performance”
  • High school diploma
  • Memorabilia from my mission trips in '95 and '96 — including a “chocolate bar” I bought from a kiosk. Later, I found they had sold me the display bar, which was just a block of wood in the wrapper.

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Thursday's Child Thursday's Child
Fun story: We sell stamps at my work. People must pay cash for stamps, as we have no other means for processing the purchase. People insist both checks and debit cards are cash.

The moral: I hate stamps.

Vanessa Vanessa
Awesome! I had to sort through a bunch of boxes recently and totally found my high school diploma (what are we supposed to do with that, anyway?) and tons of other stuff from HS.

Yay for blocks of Russian chocolate/wood!

Ricky Potts Ricky Potts
Dude, I love that show. That might be one of my favorite shows on TV. And that is fine if they come to film an episode. Maybe they can film me and my magazine collection while they are at it.

Did you eat the chocolate bar? If not, you care if I have a bite?

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