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Hello, December

We had some snow today; that seemed appropriate for the first day of December. I also found the power supply for my small, fiber optic Christmas tree. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but it's the best I could do.

I'm looking forward to this month. I love Christmas, snow, eggnog, and spending time with friends and family. I plan to have the now-traditional Christmas Eve Brunch — need to figure out the details and send out the invite (you're invited).

I also turn XXXII this month. Goodness, gracious.

I forgot to mention: if you were confused by the QR code post, try doing a Google search for “QR decode” and click “I'm feeling lucky.”

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Thursday's Child Thursday's Child
Christmas. Bah Humbug. All it really means for me is an increase in the number of idiots at work. :P

You just need rum in your eggnog; then it's all good. :]

Ricky Potts Ricky Potts
I love eggnog... but only in moderation. And QR codes are dumb. But that's a story for another time. Now, on to the snow. Yeah, also dumb!

I love the season, but I can't wait until we are decorating a cactus instead of an evergreen. I hate the weather here. Why do you think we travel to so many remote destinations? We are TRYING to leave the cold behind. It's not cold in Arizona, that's for sure. You will have to come visit us.

Now, back to that eggnog.

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