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Moving on Up

So, I am pretty excited! I am moving to Chicago May 1, 2011.

I have been thinking about this for a while and I got serious about it in the last two months. I have talked for years about possibly moving to California, but nothing has come of that yet. It's scary for me to imagine uprooting myself from friends and family to move across the country like that; I've lived in Indiana for so long.

“Baby steps around the office.” — Bob Wiley

I decided that Chicago would be a good step right now. It allows me to uproot myself but still not be too far away to visit now and then. I was quiet about this publicly because I did not want to always be talking about doing something and never doing it.

Well, it's official now. I went apartment hunting this past weekend and applied for one on Sunday. I just received my approval; I'm officially moving to Chicago! The apartment is a nice one bedroom with east and west-facing windows, so it has lots of sunlight. That's important for me since I work from home. It also has a small sunporch, so I can work out there during nice weather.

apartment photo

apartment photo

Photos from Bertsch Properties.

Nervous! But excited!


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Jenn Jenn
That fireplace is a total ...ladies magnet.

Dr. Dre Dr. Dre
woot woot! dre loves chi-town. kanye!

Laurie Guerrettaz Laurie Guerrettaz
I love it!! So happy for you. I will come visit!

Allison Allison
Whattt!!! Down the stairs for not ever mentioning this. P.S. Does the place have a nice staircase with sharp objects at the bottom? Because if so I am visiting often. To toss you down them.

Way to go (no sarcasm), have fun, and all the nice things I should've started off with. haha :)

Sarah Walker Sarah Walker
This is amazing! Gregor! I'm so happy for you! And happy for me to have a friend in Chicago! Go Cubs!

Jeremiah Ragsdale Jeremiah Ragsdale
Congrats! Hope you enjoy it!

You will be missed of course but thankfully Chicago isn't too far away.

Jeremiah Ragsdale Jeremiah Ragsdale
P.S. It matches your website. Cute!

Allison Allison
P.S. You should've moved to NYC so I could visit NYC for free. hahaha NO I'M SERIOUS.

Jon Jon
Dude that looks almost like a fireplace. Maybe you could re-open it or something. It also looks like you have a tree house outside. Seriously, picture #1. It's a tree house.

Maurice Broaddus Maurice Broaddus
i'm so excited for you and your new adventure!

Alex Conner Alex Conner
Nice :-)

Hope you enjoy it!

Isha Isha
:) Yay that it became official so quickly. I was surprised you heard back so quickly! I'm glad I don't have to keep the secret anymore...not that it was hard to do, lol. I can't wait to come visit a lot and eat pizza a lot. WE WILL KEEP GIORDANOS IN BUSINESS. Also you gotta beat the record Skirts' family made and eat it like 30 days straight. I'll help! =) So so excited for you! You'll get to meet explosive people all the time.

Debbie deckard Debbie deckard
You'll be closer to Briana, she's in Aurora. We come to visit her sometimes and come watch her run. We'll have to look you up sometime and you can meet us for dinner or something!

Tom S Tom S
Congrats! Sounds exciting.

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts

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