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Remember That Time . . .

When we “stole” the Deckard's couch from their front room while everyone was watching TV in the living room?

It was/is the most comfortable couch in the world and we always talked about stealing it. We managed to get it out the front door without being caught. This was much more difficult than you might imagine, because we had to stifle our laughter. We put it in the back of Tom's truck and . . . well, we did not think that far in advance. We just sat on it for a while until someone inside noticed. It was a chilly night, so we called inside and asked for some blankets. They brought some out and we hung out there for a while. On the couch. In a pickup truck. Then we had to move it back inside. It was worth it, though.

The “we” I refer to was Tim Kilbourn, Tom Evans, myself, and Matt Gorball — collectively known as The Tridumbverate. Well, Matt was closely associated with it; we called him our Splinter.

And thus the motto on our (placeholder) site: “We're here to save the day, and maybe move your couch.”

This post was inspired by this memory jar idea. I plan to write some more posts like this and get a memory jar for my apartment.

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Jenn Jenn
It would have been better if you had put candles there after you moved it.

@Jenn: I should move the entertainment center and put pictures of you and Jeremiah by the faux fireplace.

Ronda Ronda
Awww... I loved those days! I can't believe my parents ditched the couch without offering it to anyone... not cool. Also, remember the time we left a note saying make yourself at home and you guys rearranged the furniture? Those days are priceless!

Jeremiah Jeremiah
I might like the pictures of me and Jenn idea better than the candles idea, but only by a little...

tom tom
That was a great time ! Makes me miss the little hugs juice drinks.

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