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This is Your Heart, Can You Feel It?

It's time for another music post!


Oh Land's self-titled album is my favorite of 2011 so far. It is full of great tracks, so it is difficult to choose just one to share. She was in the Royal Swedish Ballet until a back injury put an end to her dancing career and ultimately led her to music. “Break the Chain” touches on that and I find it rather inspiring. Then there is the lovely strings track, “Lean on Me.” She has such a great voice and there is a great mix of electropop music to go with it. I'm looking forward to seeing her open for Sia this July.

Bonus: I love the official website.


I recently came across Bastille, “Flaws.” It's a simple, great pop song for summer. I really like the lyrics.

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve

and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground

Dig them up; let's finish what we started

Dig them up, so nothing's left undone


Honorable mention: “Laura Palmer


Last but not least is the French duo Housse de Racket. It appears they have been around for several years but I just recently discovered them by way of a remix. “Synthétiseur” is my current favorite. They have a new album coming out this summer and their teaser video has me excited to hear it.

What music have you been listening to lately?

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dr. dre dr. dre
this shizzle rocks.

Lauren Jennett Lauren Jennett
Oh my heck, I'm in love.

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Of your three recommendations or musings or whatever you'd like to call them, I liked the second one the best. THANKS FOR SHARING. SHARING IS NICE.

I've been listening to BEN FOLDS! and Jamie Cullum (whose albums always seem the perfect match to a sunny afternoon with a warm breeze). And the Doctor Who theme. And the Pink Martini station on Pandora.

One of my Texas friends recently sent me a bunch of music to try out, including Mr. Bungle, Metric, and Faith No More. Another Texas friend recommended Van Canto, an a capella metal band (?) with some pretty epic pieces. But yeah, it's pretty much just me and Ella Fitzgerald and the rest of our jazz buddies still.

Tom Bissett Tom Bissett
What is the song that “this is your heart, can you feel it” is from? loving the recommendations. really loving them. thaks

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