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Year V

I'm really glad to be alive today.

That thought struck me (no, it did not hurt) after having a tough day both professionally and emotionally. Overall I was just feeling frustrated.

I went to my first appointment with my new cardiologist this afternoon. I was there for a couple hours answering questions and getting my device checked (everything is OK). I re-told the story of everything that happened.

Thinking back to all the amazing things that happened (being with friends at the time, EMTs arriving very quickly, heart hospital being close by) and the miraculous recovery . . . it just made me realize again that I very easily could not have been here right now.

Sure, sometimes there are bad days, but I have experienced so many great things these past several years. I look forward to many more experiences and hope I make the most of each day.

I'm really glad to be alive today.

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Allison Allison
We're glad you're alive, too! Even if you did abandon us. And even if you do deserve a good kicking down the stairs.

Ron Ron
you couldn't put the sap warning at the beginning? the gRegor truly is wily

dr. dre dr. dre
yo. so proud you could represent chi-town like kanye.

sUzi sUzi
There's a sap for that. :)

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