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Can I Break the Spell of the Typical?

Continuing the music challenge:

Day 5: Love the Song. Love the Video Even More.

The first song that came to mind was one I wrote about last year, “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous. It is a phenomenal video, but I think I love it about as much as the song (which is to say, a lot). Then I remembered MUTEMATH's “Typical.”

The band lip synced the song in reverse, played in reverse, and performed all their crazy antics in reverse. Then the video itself was reversed to give the final result. I'm still quite impressed with this video. I love the song, but I love the video even more.

This video has “embedding disabled by request,” (lame, Warner Brothers) so please go check it out. They performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, too.

P.S. Their live show is awesome and I highly recommend seeing them. I think Paul Meany is a human ragdoll.

Update 2018-02-21: Embedding is enabled now, apparently?

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LaurieRock LaurieRock
That album was my bible

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