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Help the DuPrees

I have written before about my love for Eisley. The DuPrees make great music and are amazing people. Kim DuPree, mother of 4/5ths of those talented kids, recently had some medical problems:

. . . Kim Dupree was taken to the hospital on Friday July 8 with numbness in her left arm and leg, warning signs of a stroke. Doctors ran tests and three MRIs and were able to rule out the possibility of a stroke which was great news but the numbness has persisted and Kim herself admitted feeling “afraid.” She has not been able to walk on her own but was released from the hospital and is making small improvements.

Kim does not have medical insurance and they are worried about losing their house. This is on top of her dealing with overcoming the paralysis. A friend of the DuPrees has set up a blog with a plea to donate. Please take a few minutes to read it, send some thoughts/prayers to Kim, and if you can afford it, any donation amount would be great. Kim can be reached on Twitter, too: @Kimbrtones.

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