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Continuing the music challenge:

Day 3: A Song from the First Album/CD/Cassette I Bought with My Own Money

I am pretty sure the first album(s) I purchased were through one of those music clubs; five albums for a penny, then $20 each month unless you sent the card back declining the automatic selection. I exaggerate, but it was quite a good business model for them if you did not pay attention. I don't remember all five albums, but I know Code of Ethics was one of them and DC Talk's Nu Thang was another.

So here you have it: DC Talk, “I Luv Rap Music.”

“'Kids these years.' But then again, we think the Beatles were weird.”

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I could have chosen a song from Code of Ethics that I enjoy more, but this song (and video) were too hilarious to resist posting.

Elizabeth Elizabeth
I don't know why you this would make me laugh. There's nothing funny about such heady stuff that was clearly ahead of its time from such an important group in music history. I'm pretty sure this will be dissected in future music theory courses...

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