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Continuing the music challenge:

Day 9: This Band/Artist Should Be (a) Superstar(s)

This one is easy. Starflyer 59 has consistently put out amazing albums without getting stale. I was introduced to them by my friend Tim back in high school. Americana was the first album I bought and I loved the emphasis on guitar and the way Jason Martin's voice blended with it. Some of the newer albums became more pop-friendly, but still had the distinct Starflyer sound. I think that's one of the things I love most: rather than put out the same album again and again, the sound of each album is always a bit different. And still really good. It seems clear to me that it's about the love of making music for Mr. Martin. Otherwise, I doubt he would still be making music after 18 years of being relatively unknown.

Here is one of my favorites, “No New Kinda Story.”

I could not resist linking to some more, to give you an idea of the diverse catalog:

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Excellent choice.

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