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FAQ: Why the cat ears?

I changed my Twitter avatar today to this:


Many people asked why. It's an homage to Rachelskirts for her birthday, which is also today. Her Twitter avatar is:


Yeah, I know mine doesn't have the feather boa. I didn't have that much time and I'm not that great at photo editing.

Anyway, you should go wish her a happy birthday!


  • Are you a cat?
  • Why are you wearing cat ears?
  • How do you be so short cat-like?

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Kraz Kraz
How where you able to post this IN THE FUTURE???

It's not even 6 and the time stamp says 7:34.

* And the real answer to the spam protection question is “Fire, I hate fire.” (Question is "How do you spell 'fire'?)

** You need to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Dr. Dre Dr. Dre
Meow. You need feathers. Cuz you are FLY

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