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I was very excited to be at my dear friend Isha's wedding on October 1. For starters, I was excited because I almost wasn't there. I drove from Indianapolis that morning, giving myself 3 hours for what was about a 2 hour trip. I needed every last minute of that time, because when I wrote down the directions, I apparently overlooked the second to last street. I was in the general area with plenty of time, but this was out in the country and I had to stop a couple times to ask for directions. That was pretty stressful. I cannot be late to my best friend's wedding! When I finally got the right directions, I raced down the country roads to arrive 3 minutes before it started. The bridal party was lining up at the front door as I rushed in.

“gRegor can't see me yet!” Isha said as she tried to hide behind her bridesmaids.

“I'm not looking. I'm just glad that I made it in time!” I replied. It took me about 20 minutes to settle down from the adrenaline.

Isha was beautiful, of course, as was the ceremony. It was a Catholic wedding, which was a first for me. I enjoyed the change of pace from the quick “Do you? Yes. Do you? Yes.” weddings I have usually attended.

I am so excited for them. Josh is a great guy and exactly what Isha was looking for. They both love God and have put Him first in their relationship. They both are good with kids and want their own, so I'm sure they will be great parents. They both love good food. They are a wonderful complement to each other. :]

Congratulations, Josh and Isha Schmackers! I love you guys.


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Wuv, twu wuv!

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