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Do You Have the Fortitude?

I came across some blog posts today which, yes, are a couple years old, but they still inspired me. Of course, they were about a timeless, fun idea: building forts. It made me think back to the fun times in my childhood building forts. When I thought about how long it's been since I did anything like that, I realized I needed to fix that.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you should), is to build a fort out of whatever you can and enjoy it. Read a good book by flashlight, play games, tell stories, watch a movie, or surf the internet on your laptop — whatever sounds like fun. Take pictures and blog about it.

You have a fortnight (two weeks), so get crackin'. Send me links with your results and I will include them in my follow-up post along with my own.

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Dangit, I forgot to include: “cuddle with a loved one, or if you don't have one, pretend you're cuddling with me.”

Anonymous Anonymous
So edit the bloody post and delete these comments.

LovelyAnomaly LovelyAnomaly
Chris proposed to me after we had spent the evening building a fort, drinking hot chocolate, and watching kid movies. Forts are the best.

Frances D Frances D
Hi gRegor - it's nice to find a he who blogs on the blogher list. Your online wife application is great. I'll definitely be mentioning you over at my site.
Blessings, Frances

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