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The Names Are Made Up

As a kid, I loved watching Square One on PBS. It was a kid's show about mathematics.

Sounds awesome, right? It was. No, really.

There were a variety of sketches and songs about math, usually parodying pop culture. The two parts of the show that stick out to me still are Mathman and Mathnet.

Mathman was given a math mission on a Pac-Man-style board and if he ate any values that were incorrect, this crotchety old hurricane would eat him up. Yep.

Mathnet was a parody of Dragnet, of course. Two detectives solved mysteries using their math skills and James Earl Jones played the chief. Oh yes.

Enjoy some videos. :]

Square One theme song:



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Jeremiah Jeremiah

Ali Ali
i loved this show. MATH MAN! MATH MAN!

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