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With the Assistance of Mommer

I'm back in Indiana at Mommer's for Thanksgiving. We've had a good time catching up. I was surprised to hear her say that she watched the music videos I posted the other day and enjoyed them. “Mom, you actually like some of the same music as me??”

She suggested I write something from my childhood and I told her I already had. She apparently had read that one, too. “Are you sure that rope swing was 40 feet high?” Yes, mom. I'm sure. But maybe it was 30 feet. That's 40 in kid feet.

She was flipping through a magazine and saw something about novelty cookies.

Mom: “You can get cookies made that look like you.”

Me: “People have been making cookies that look like me for a long time. They're big fans.”

I asked if she had anything she wanted to say to my readers (within reason), but all she had was, “It's really past my bedtime.”

It's good to be here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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