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A Christmas Whirlwind

Life has been busy and Christmas is approaching more quickly than I had imagined, but that did not keep me from taking some time to decorate my apartment. I am rather proud of the result and it has helped get me in the holiday spirit. Listening to lots of Christmas music has helped, too.


This weekend I am visiting my mom for an early Christmas because next Wednesday I am flying to Florida to spend Christmas with my dad. This will be the first time I have spent Christmas in such a warm climate. That should be interesting. I am looking forward to relaxing and things slowing down for a bit.

I hope you have a good Christmas. Don't forget to slow down and appreciate the things that really matter.

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Sheryl Sheryl
I like the lights! Also, that's fun that you are going to Florida for Christmas, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

LaurieRock LaurieRock
Aww, sweetie! *pinches your face off*

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