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11 Minutes Ago is a clever time travel movie. To help solve a crisis in the future, a man travels back in time to collect an air sample. He lands in a wedding reception and can only stay for 11 minutes, but he discovers that he has already been there multiple times earlier in the evening. The story unravels in a non-linear fashion and is ultimately a love story. My description probably makes it sound weird. I suppose it is, but I thought it was good-weird, obviously, since I'm recommending it. It's available on Netflix streaming currently.

In The Booth at the End, people visit a mysterious man that they have heard can make things happen and grant your desires. All they must do is perform the task he gives them and report back with their progress. It is well-acted and really makes you think about how far you would go to get the things that you want. It's a short series of five episodes, so you can watch it in one sitting as a long-ish movie. It's available on Hulu currently.

See What I'm Saying is a documentary about deaf entertainers that I found quite engaging and delightful. I do not have any experience with deaf culture, so it was an interesting introduction. I really loved the people they profiled and was encouraged by their perseverance through obstacles. It follows the drummer for a deaf rock band, an actor, a comic, and a singer. Unfortunately this one isn't on Netflix streaming anymore, but it is available on Netflix disc.

Last but not least is Spaced. This was a British sitcom with Simon Pegg (and Nick Frost, of course) that's simply hilarious—lots of pop culture references and jokes. Both series are available on Hulu and Netflix streaming.

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Heather Heather
I LOVE The Booth at the End!! So good! I can't wait for more episodes. The movie 11 Minutes Ago sounds very similar to a movie that came out a few years ago- Source Code.

I can kind of see that, but 11 Minutes Ago isn't so much the “avert imminent danger / repeat the same few minutes” thing. It's also better as a love story, haha. Source Code was OK, but I didn't really care for the ending.

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