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Kicking Myself

Have I really not written since May? What's up with that?!

I have a post I need to write about the last Cornerstone Festival, which I attended in July. It will be difficult because there are a lot of thoughts to capture. Thankfully, I wrote some good notes in my journal at the time. It's time I stop thinking, “I need to write that” and just do it, thus the reason I mention it here. I plan to have it posted by next Monday.

I never even followed up on 30 Days of Creativity. I only completed 10 days out of the month, but that's better than none! Hoff Pockets was probably my favorite one. :] Here is the set of all 10 days.

I was reminded today of the “No Screen Night” that I tried a few times years ago. I never kept with it, but it was really refreshing to totally disconnect from computer, TV, and cellphone for a night to read, be creative, or just get things done that I could easily put off for “just a few more minutes on Twitter.” (two hours later . . .) So, I think I'll give that a shot again. It will certainly help with my challenge to read 30 books this year. I have read 16 so far and have 3 in progress currently.

Work has been busy this year and life has been . . . up and down. I feel like my mind has been cluttered and that makes me feel uneasy. I am not sure how to explain the feeling. It could be as simple as writing (in my journal), which I have not done in months, either. Putting thoughts to paper often helps. Organizing a better to-do list will probably help, too, so stuff does not have to just float around in my head.

I guess all of that is to say:

I'm kicking myself . . . into action.

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Isha Isha
Kickin' gbutt &takin names!

Allegedly, “there is no gbutt.”

Angela Angela "Sonshine" Doty
So... Cornerstone? I haven't been since 1999. I heard Saviour Machine was there. Did you see them? I am all a quiver with anticipation!

Saviour Machine was there last year and did an acoustic set at midnight. I watched some of it (and it was awesome), but I was also exhausted and had to get up early, so I didn't stay for all of it.

Angela Angela "Sonshine" Doty
I am now rediculously jealous.

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