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The Internet Guide to Laughter

In a conversation with Amandica, she asked if “LOL” annoys me. “Annoy” is a bit strong, but I am not really a fan. I prefer a more expressive online laugh. I proceeded to describe my various online laughs, then I decided that this would make a good post. This is the internet, after all, and laughter is serious business here.


Minorly funny, but not an out-loud laugh. Alternately, it can be a bit sarcastic, e.g. “Ha. No.”


See ha.


Funny and sometimes an out-loud chuckle.


Halfway between funny and quite funny.


Quite funny and definitely an out-loud laugh.

hahahaha (or longer):

Hysterically funny and out-loud laughing for several seconds. Use multiple lines of these if you are uncontrollably laughing for quite some time.


See hahahaha.

mua ha ha ha:

Not funny, but being sinister. Should definitely be out loud for full effect.

All of these can be used in CAPS to add a little more “oomph” as necessary.

What are your online laughs like?

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amandica amandica
What about,

Amandica MacLeanica Amandica MacLeanica
I just noticed the “aka Battlestar Amandica.”

LovelyAnomaly LovelyAnomaly
We speak the same laugh language.

Jonathan Ive Jonathan Ive
I love the way your site looks, though I'm not really the Jony Ive. How easy is it for someone to discover the real author of this note? Please also check that the links in this note have no rel="me" attribute on them.

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