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Don't Multitask with Fire

Oh, hello!

Yes, that should be read in Hannah Hart's voice.

I ended up blogging once last month because it was 30 Days of Creativity again, so my creative energy was going into trying to create something (anything) each day. Last year I finished 10 days. This year I finished 17 days. Here are some of my favorites.




I wish that I had Jessie's grill


Vision Test


That's One of My Biggest Fears


The Silk Angel. Click through to see full-size, which looks best.


Wise advice from Amandica


Last lines from the poem Desiderata

It was a lot of fun and I definitely felt more at ease about it this year. Some of the best ideas came to me at the last minute. Here are all of my 2013 creations. Check out everyone else's creations on Pinterest.

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Amandica Amandica
Jessie's Grill cracked me up, as did your rendition of my quote. Instaham was super clever, too. So glad you showed me “Desiderata.”

Amandica Amandica
hi, g


laurentheanimal laurentheanimal
I love Desiderata. I found it written out in a pile of my aunt's old school-things, once, and I have kept it in my nightstand drawer ever since. Your art is amazing! Giraffe.

Joe Crawford Joe Crawford mentioned this –

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