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Meet Amanda


Amanda lives in Austin, Texas but is originally from Washington state. She really likes Austin, but loves the Pacific Northwest even more and wants to end up there eventually. She has had a strong desire to teach for as long as she can remember, and is pursuing that dream currently. She wants to teach drama. She enjoys photography and is a very creative, artsy type. She also plays guitar and has a beautiful singing voice.

She is a delight to talk to and is a good storyteller. She is also a good listener and is interested in the minutiae. She already had the nickname “Amandica” and was totally on board when I asked if I could call her “Battlestar Amandica.”

Her smile and her laugh are infectious.

And as of August 31, 2013, she is my girlfriend. :] You should go say hello.

colon D colon D colon D

Update 1: Clarified her desire to teach. She's always wanted to teach, but teaching drama specifically is relatively new.

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Delana Kromer

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Whatcha doing this weekend sugar? You should come on down to the Bourb's.

Lauren Lauren
So happy for you gRegorlove!

Amanda Amanda
I'm glad I made up those stories about TM bus trips.

Amanda Amanda
I don't think I understand how to use twitter :(

Dan Cassidy Dan Cassidy

Laurie Laurie
She sounds awesome and is very pretty! Best wishes for you both :)

laurentheanimal laurentheanimal
colon D colon D colon D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You two look great together!)

Chris Chris
Hooray for BSA!

Van Halen Van Halen
I'd date her. She's hot. Hot for teacher.

Sarah Five Sarah Five
I bring up “my friend Gregor” so many times that once my sister in law told me she thought “my friend Gregor” would be a great name for a movie. (I think she is on to something)

My friend Gregor is so many very wonderful things to me. The list of amazing, cool, kind and just flat out bad-ass attributes I would apply to the stud in this photo above is miles long.

I have a feeling that pretty soon “my friend Gregor ” is going to change to “my friends Gregor and Amanda”. That makes my heart so happy and I can't wait to meet her!

Andy Andy
Happy for you both!

Asim Asim
*see comment on Amandica's site* :D

Amanda Amanda
Aww, thanks everyone for your congratulations and kind words :)

Jenn Jenn
I shall call you “gRegormandica.”

Lucy Dates Lucy Dates
Greg and Amanda,

You look great together! Great pix! It sounds like things are very connected and happy for you. Wish you the best!! Can't wait to meet you, Amanda!

Aunt Lucy

Johnny depp Johnny depp
Pirates gotta get the booty girl team girlfriend yeah man woot nice I leave your name at grocery stores and bars all the time I give you email and website to complete strangers that were very kind harted to me... Ladies

Amanda Amanda
I almost peed my pants laughing at that last comment.

Joshua Williams Joshua Williams
they say the mind is the first thing to go when you get old.

Philip Rivera Philip Rivera
Sweet gRegorious! I remember that dialogue.
"What's your name, boy? "
"Gregor", came the sheepish answer.
"Greg or...what? "
"Wrong. You shall henceforth be called"
Tell that one to the lovely Amanda panda.

Jared Ragsdale Jared Ragsdale
Cutos! You don't need that wife application anymore. How'd you meet her?

Jared Ragsdale Jared Ragsdale
By the way I really like how you ended it with colon D. Quite humorous from my perspective

Brooke Brooke
Girls who live in Tx > girls who don't. Fun stuff. Amanda is a lucky lady :-D

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