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Drabble: A Paradox

A “drabble” is a short work of fiction that is one hundred words in length. GirlFrmMars has written several. I thought I'd give it a shot:

A Paradox

He was expecting a crowd of people to jump out and yell “surprise!” just on the other side of this door. Pausing for a moment with his hand on the doorknob, several emotions ran through him in quick succession.

“Why am I anxious? These are my friends.”

“I wonder if she's in there.”

“I would almost rather have a quiet night alone.”

Inhaling and opening the door, he was surprised to find . . . no one. He flicked the light on and sat down on the couch, pondering the idea of getting exactly what you wanted, yet hating it.

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Isha Isha
Love this. It's perfect.

I <3 Drabbles. Fantastic post, gee-Regor.

Linda Linda
This made my heart ache.

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