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Projects and Goals

I have a bad habit of building up mental lists of things I would like to do and then not making progress on them. I am doing (slightly) better at writing them down so I can actually process through them.

So here are some of the things I have brewing:

  • Get soldering equipment, practice, and then put together the awesome Bluenumi Numitron Clock kit that I bought on Etsy many months ago.
  • Get more involved with I plan to update my site to support posting short statuses that are cross-posted to sites like Twitter.
  • Depending how that goes, I would like to attend one of the Indiewebcamp gatherings next year.
  • Pick up that acoustic guitar more often. And play it.
  • Get back into reading RSS feeds. I miss Google Reader and nothing has really filled that void yet. It's crazy, but I keep having the idea to build my own.
  • Go on some trips in the US with Amanda. There are several places we'd like to go and friends/family to visit. Arizona, California, and Washington are on the list, at least. The 2014 So Freaking Cute Tour.
  • Travel somewhere overseas in 2014. It has been too long since I have been out of the country. Switzerland is a possibility.

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amanda amanda
Do we need a tour butt, I mean a tour bus? :)

Todd Todd
I recommend NewsBlur, if you decide not to build your own reader.

Amandica Amandica
I have a goal: Go to In and Out Burger when it opens down the street from my apartment, with gRegorLove.

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