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Small World Moments

A couple weeks ago Amanda mentioned that her friends Melinda and Cameron went to LeTourneau University. She used to visit her on campus regularly. I told her my friends Rachel and Tyler went there and I suspected it was during the same time. Something reminded me of this today, so I asked Rachel. It turns out they do know each other. Melinda was one of the first people Rachel met on campus, actually. Tyler lived across the hallway from Cameron. Rachel and Amanda don't think they ever officially met, but most likely they crossed paths.

When Jeremiah visited in January of 2012, he invited his friend Christy to meet us downtown. In the days following, Christy and I became Facebook friends. She saw Josh Miller was a mutual friend and asked how I knew him. I explained that I met him at Teen Mania years ago. It turns out that they are cousins.

The aforementioned Rachel loves office supplies and European Paper Company. They are basically BFFs. Seriously, see her love letter about it. This summer I posted a photo from Jeremiah's wedding and my friend Cora Lynn commented “You know Rachelskirts?! Ask her about European Paper. I work there!”

I love moments like these. Also, seriously, can we talk about my great hand modeling?

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Jeremiah Jeremiah
I'm trying to decide whether this is going to turn in “Six Degrees of Separation from gRegorLove” or “from Jeremiah.”

Amandica Amandica
hand modeling?

Amandica Amandica
I'm 3 steps from Kevin Bacon.

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