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The Week So Far

I don't usually blog about negative stuff, but this week is really sapping me already. Work has been really stressful. There's several deadlines coming up and I'm falling behind. Today it caused about a day's worth of my work to be discarded as we strategically shuffled projects. Related: Oh, how I loathe WordPress. This morning I also found out that my mom has pneumonia and that just added to the suckage. This week could really use some improvement. If any of you could pull some strings, that would be awesome.

In more positive news, Amanda has been very encouraging. We're about to have a Skype call and watch The Office. The laughs and smiles will definitely help.

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Linda Linda
It helps to have the Amandas and the friends who bring cheer during the cloudy days. I've been relying on friends lately for the sunshine.

amandica amandica

amandica amandica
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