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Keep the Horizon Horizontal

Today's title comes from Nicole Sweeney's Twitter prompt: “explain what 'keep the horizon horizontal' means to you.” And it coincides well with my mental state lately.

Work has been really hectic and stressful lately. I have been easily frustrated and even overwhelmed a few times. Yesterday and today were particularly The Suck. This evening I have been taking some more deep breaths and, thankfully, starting to feel a bit more at ease about it. Or, at least I'm not focusing on the stress. I know all of it is still out there somewhere.

Given that, 'keep the horizon horizontal' is a timely reminder to myself to try not to let these things get to me as much. Keep an eye on the bigger picture. Sure, maybe you're flying through a thunderstorm at the moment, but focus on keeping the horizon horizontal so you don't fly into the ground. Or a mountain.

P.S. I have not forgotten about the posts I want to write about spiritual abuse. Once things settle down a bit, I will be back on that.

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Sweeney Sweeney
I'm sorry things have been so crazy, but I'm glad this inane little Twitter prompt was timely for you <3


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