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I have been working on some cool stuff behind the scenes of My last post was a test of federated commenting. This means I can post a note on my site, indicate it is in response to another site, and a notification of my note is sent automatically. If the site supports the protocol, it can then pull in my author information and the text, displaying it just like any other comment.

It was a pretty successful first test. I was missing some markup in my post, so my author information and photo do not display on Laurent's post. That was easy to fix, though. Since my post has a title, that was displayed instead of the comment text. That is expected behavior, though, and won't be a problem once I add a “notes” page with shorter, status-like entries that do not typically have a title.

This may not seem that impressive by itself, but it is a core component in the move toward owning the content we create online and not relying on third-party sites. Remember, those sites can easily disappear.

I learned of this tool through Indie Web Camp. I have really enjoyed getting involved with this community. They are developing tools to help everyone get the same utility of social sites without needing to lock up our content. Own your data—that's what the “indieweb” movement is about. I want to help develop these type of tools.

More Technical Information

This protocol is called webmention. It functions similarly to pingback, but without the annoying XML-RPC.

I'm using to automatically convert pingbacks I receive into webmentions.

Microformats are used to mark up each post's title, content, and author information. This allows the recipients of webmentions to easily parse the content and display it, if they decide to do so.

Each of my posts can now receive webmentions, too. They are processed asynchronously. They are not displayed anywhere on my site currently, but I plan to have them displayed along with other comments left directly on the site.

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Ben Werdmüller Ben Werdmüller
Very cool! Congratulations on getting your indieweb site up and running. Looking forward to some decentralized conversation :)

Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett
great post. welcome to the indieweb!

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
I love this. Maybe after I get around to making responsive (oy), I'll look into implementing something like this. Or I'll forget about it in two days.

Tyler Tyler
Go learn ghost, so you can help me write a plugin to do this.

Of course, it would /also/ have to structure comments as well, since commenting isn't built in. :P

Joel Alexander Dueck Joel Alexander Dueck
@gRegorLove def intrigued by Webmentions insofar as they’re an effort to build a service independent of any company or platform.

gRegor ♥ Morrill gRegor ♥ Morrill
@joeld Yeah, there's some really cool implementations. Using they're even pulling back comments from FB/Twitter.

gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill mentioned this –

Scott Wilder Scott Wilder mentioned this –

Scott Wilder Scott Wilder
More good info about how to own what you share:

Scott Wilder Scott Wilder
OK, so it’s actually tied to the comment area. Not the response thingy above...

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