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The Dream of the '90s

This weekend I am visiting Portland for the first time, to see Amanda and attend IndieWebCamp 2014. The indieweb movement is about owning your data. It encourages people to create and publish on their own site. It also works to make engaging with each other easier, through existing social networks and more direct methods. To that end, IndieWebCamp is two days of brainstorming and creating. The format is an unconference, which means the attendees decide what the sessions will be and provide the content for them.

Since my previous post on the indieweb, I have started aggregating replies, likes, and favorites from Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at the comment section on my last post, for example.1 This is the type of thing that comes out of IndieWebCamp and I am excited about. I have been pretty involved in the #indiewebcamp IRC channel and a local meetup, so I am really looking forward to meeting in person and working on some cool ideas together.

Amanda is going with me and we will be working on getting her set up posting on her own site instead of Blogspot or WordPress. She has the domain, so she is already halfway there! She actually enjoys all this geeky stuff I talk about and has been wanting to blog on her own domain for a while now, so this is a perfect opportunity. :]

Also, since neither of us have been to Portland before, we are taking an extra day to explore. Portland recommendations welcome!

P.S. If you have not heard already, “the dream of the '90s is alive in Portland.”

1 This is accomplished through webmentions and

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96% Organic Tyler 96% Organic Tyler
@gRegorLove If this isn't about Portland, we aren't friends anymore.

Mark Schwartzkopf Mark Schwartzkopf
You probably already know this, but Powell's book store is amazing. The geek book are in a separate building that you won't want to skip.

Walking distance from Powell's is Cacao, which is the only place in Portland that I feel is imperative for me to visit every single time I'm there. I always get the flight of 3 drinking chocolates there.

Ron Mad Smitty Smith Ron Mad Smitty Smith
on a different, but related topic, I got Ronnie turned on to Portlandia. :D

Sheryl Hugill Sheryl Hugill
You are beating me to Portland by 2 weeks!

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
I know, Sheryl! Too bad it didn't work out to overlap.

Ronnie The-Bear Ronnie The-Bear
Ron--ummmm FALSE. I got YOU turned on to Portlandia. I watched it the very first time it premiered. How do you think I kept quoting it? biiiiiiiitch

Sheryl Hugill Sheryl Hugill
Oh, also... You should contact the recently married Gwyneth Laspina to see if she will be around then. :)

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Already did. :)

♕ Suzanne Zaleski ♕ ♕ Suzanne Zaleski ♕
@gRegorLove @macleaney yay! Have fun you lovebirds. #potato

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