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Filling In The Blanks, Part 1

It is time to fill in some of the missing backlog of a rather great summer.

Amanda had been planning since early this year to move from Austin, TX to Bellingham, WA. She decided to do that in May and took the long route through Chicago so I could join. She came early so we could have some time in Chicago and also go to Tom and Anna's Wedding + Super Internet Party. More on that in a bit, though.

She arrived just in time for Erica's birthday dinner at La Amistad (Spanish for: THE AMISTAD). It was nice for her to finally meet Erica and Joey, and to meet our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Joey, Chris, Erica, Amanda, and me at La Amistad

Joey, Chris, Erica, Amanda, and me at La Amistad

We also got to see my friend Kitty perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was promenade theater style, which means there was no formal stage and the audience could move about in the same space as the actors. The audience even interacted with the play a bit. This was new to me and a lot of fun.

Tom and Anna met each other at the blogger unconference Bloggers in Sin City (BiSC), and subsequently fell in wuv. This means there were a lot of internet people in town for their wedding and is why I called it the Wedding + Super Internet Party. I mean, not long after the speeches and cake-cutting, the emcee requested “all the internet people” gather for the photographer. They also played Doctor Who music when Tom and Anna entered the reception.

We are a pretty good-looking group of people.

We are a pretty good-looking group of people.

We also had brunch with Jenn, went to a Second City comedy show, took an architectural boat tour of Chicago (Amanda loves boats and being on the water), and even squeezed in a visit to Indiana to see Mommer and some friends for dinner at Scotty’s Brewhouse. It was a rather great week leading up to our cross-country journey. More on that next time.

At Tom and Anna’s wedding

We are the absentminded photo couple. For example: neither of us thought to take a picture of ourselves dressed up for the wedding. We did take this close-up, though.

Yeah, we know. We are small oranges.

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You forgot the part about how I conceived a child after Scotty’s Brewhouse.

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Cute couple.

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